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Metal Rules Magazine

"Sonically speaking, the tunes reminded me of a hybrid love child between Crowbar and Eyehategod."   full review

Metal Hammer Italy

"We are dealing with a project formed by one person, Gjero, who is responsible for all music, lyrics and compositions. For the vocals, he enlisted the collaboration of Eric Castile, who did a magnificent job."   full review

The Misanth Report

" A new pulse is pounding away at the foundations of Germany, with the Slovenian essence of “Sin” carried in its name, and this transgressive quality oozes from Age of Resentment alongside a sludgy bitterness directed toward faith and humanity."   full review  


Mit dem Debüt ,,Age Of Resentment" erblickt das Ein-Mann-Projekt GREH aus Karlsruhe das Licht der Welt. Dieses Licht wird direkt mit den ers- ten Sätzen dieser sechs Lieder starken EP in Dun- kelheit gehüllt: „Dark smoke / Broken mirrors / Hopes and fears / All left behind!" Die Midtempo- Musik (Metal-Einflüsse, Sludge, Doom) wird von der tiefen Gitarre und dem Gesang (Gastsänger: Eric Castiglia) über die gesamte Länge des Tapes getrie- ben. Ich spüre die sich verdunkelnde Perspektive auf Mensch und Welt. GREH bestehen fortan als Trio, aber ich bin ich mir gewiss: Sie werden versu- chen, die Leere weiterhin noch mehr zu schwärzen. David Gabriel

Rock Culture Spain

"Mental Knot catches us from the first moment with a magnificent treatment of the drums. It is a theme that, for a moment, reminds us of Pantera both in the music and in the way of singing. As we can see, the thematic of the songs maintains a continuous line based on themes such as resentment, pain, vario or sacrifice. A good example of this is Winter Grief, where the sound becomes somewhat denser with certain touches of groups like Sepultura."   full review  

Doomed-Nation Blog

"GREH sees itself as a rejection of feigned goodness. This attitude is also reflected in the musical recognition and makes the music a foray into eternal darkness."   full review

Transcended Music Blog

"The haunting sound reflects the pain – powerful and suffering at the same time."   full review  

Metal Maniacs News

"A transgression against God's law."   full review  

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